of «PROlogue» International Film Festival



I. General Provisions


1)      This provision determines the procedure for holding and organizing the International Film Festival “PROlogue” (hereinafter referred to as “the Festival”). It also defines the process for selecting (the criteria of selection of) the participating films (participant films, films-participants).

2)      The festival will take place in Tashkent from 27 to 30 November 2018.

3)      Except the main program, there will also be organized conferences, “round-table” discussions and sceenings of films.




II. Festival Organizers



4)      The Festival is organized by:

 The Youth Union of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

 Uzbekkino National Agency

 Khakimiyat (city authority) of Tashkent;

 Center for the Development of Cinematography;

 National Film Commission of Uzbekistan;

 The Union of Young Cinematographers

5)      The working body of the Festival is Festival Directorate (hereinafter - “Directorate”).

6)      Place of the Festival:

 - Palace of Youth Creativity;

 - Premier Hall Cinema, Tashkent

 7) Fixed place of business of Directorate: 8 Mukimiy str., Tashkent

 8) Official web site:



III. Goals and Objectivities of Film Festival


9)      The Festival aims at strengthening the prestige of the national film industry, developing of high sociological and cultural status thereof, the promotion of the Uzbek films in a world film scene, increasing the interest of general public in film art as a tool for national culture and universal human values preservation and also developing the cultural exchange and international cooperation between the cinematographers from all over the world.

10) The Objectives of Film Festival:

- to assist the development of the national film industry, its popularization throughout the world, as well as presentation and advocacy of both contemporary Uzbek films and Uzbek films of “golden fund”;

- to keep viewers strongly interested in independent films, including those helping to improve community engagement and mental maturity;

- to familiarize the local audience with the latest masterpieces of world film industry;

- to engage the outstanding and non-ordinary works of film art, developing the language of the cinema and mirroring the trends of global filmmaking;

- to strengthen and develop international relations in film industry, in particular with countries which are considered to be the potential partners of Uzbek film-makers.

- to popularize the unique historical and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in order to attract the key representatives of world film industry to collaboration;

- to discover young film-makers of Uzbekistan and to support their activities professionally, creating the conditions for establishment of contact with their foreign colleagues.



IV. Festival Program

11) The competition program includes:

 International competition of feature fiction film; 

 International competition of short fiction film;

 International competition of national short fiction film



V. Festival Awards


 12) Festival Awards:

 - Grand Prix for the Best film;

 - Best Director;

 - Best Cameraman;

 - Best Screenwriter;

 - Best Actress;

 - Best Actor;

- Best Short Film;

- Best National Short Film;

13) Organizing Committee and Directorate award the following prizes:

- prize for contribution to the Uzbek film industry;

- prize for contribution to the world film industry.



VI. Requirements


14) The International competition of feature fiction film:

 - At least 6 (six) films shall be selected for Official Selection of feature fiction film.

 - Films with duration of at least 60 minutes and the date of production completion of not earlier than January 1, 2017 shall be accepted for selection.

 - Films shall concern the topics related and/or relevant to the young generation.

15) Competition of Short Fiction Films:

 - At least 12 films shall be selected for Official Selection of short fiction films.

 - Films with duration of less than 30 minutes and the date of production completion of not earlier than January 1, 2017 shall be accepted for selection.

 - Director should not be older than 35

16) The International feature fiction films and international short feature fiction films must be the premiere of the Central-Asian region, except those shown in the country of production.

17) Competition of National Short Feature Fiction Films

 - At least 12 films shall be selected for Official Selection of national short fiction films.

 - Films with duration of less than 30 minutes and the date of production completion of not earlier than January 1, 2017 shall be accepted for selection.

 - Director should not be older than 35


VII. Parallel Programs

18) Within the framework of the festival there will be organized conferences, pitchings, “round-table” discussions and other events with the participation of the leading representatives of the international film industry.


VIII. Film selection and requirements for competitive screening


19) The one who wants to participate in the film festival should submit fill an application on the web site of film festival:, providing a link to or YouTube page containing film with English and Russian subtitles.

Application deadline: October 27, 2018.     

20) No fee is charged by Festival for film submission

21) Films encouraging violence, national, racial and religious intolerance, demonizing national policy and provoking popular dicontent are not allowed. Movies must not contradict our national traditions and universal human values.

22) Official representatives of films, selected for program, will be notified on participation prior to November 7, 2018 via email.

23) Copies of films participating in the Festival Competition must be delivered to Directorate in DCP and Blu-ray format not later than November 17, 2018.

24) Selected and confirmed films may not be withdrawn from the Festival Program after official announcement of program and acceptance of confirmation from the official representative of a film.

25) Information on invitation of film to participate in Official Selection will remain confidential between the Festival and the participant until the official announcement by Directorate.

26) Along with an application for participation, official representative of a film shall submit Directorate the following materials:

Marketing materials, synopsis, press kit.

Trailer and teaser in FULL HD.

Materials for localization - subtitle file with timecode and/or dialog sheets in original language, Russian or English, screener of film final version.

Materials for catalog (information about film creators, photos, including photo of director, film frames). One or two one-minute film clips, which will be used for promotion and the Closing Ceremony.

27) The Festival reserves the right to use all materials provided for printed and other materials, including for Festival catalog, press releases, festival web site, social networks and for promotion in media.

28) Materials shall be sent as a download link to the Festival email, indicating film title in English and in original language in subject line. The Festival shall receive materials no later than 7 (seven) days after the date of confirmation of film participation in program.

29) All terms and conditions are binding, otherwise Festival Directorate reserves the right to eliminate the film from film festival program.



IX. Transportation and insurance of a film copy

30) Expenses for transportation of film copies for screening incurs the Directory of the Festival

31) Sending party shall promptly notify the Festival of film copy sending and provide an air waybill.

32) Expenses for storage and insurance of a film copy is incurred by the Directory of the Festival.




X. The Jury of the Festival

 33) To evaluate competitive films, International Juries of feature films competition and International Juries of short films competitions consisting of not less than 5 (five) persons each to be set up.

 34) Directorate assumes all expenses of juries for attendance and transportation to the Festival and back.

 35) Each Juries shall not include persons who have any direct relation to or participating in production or commercial distribution of films, screened in corresponding competition.




XI. Guests and participants of the Festival

 36) Directorate shall deal with guests’ invitation, terms and conditions of their attendance and accreditation during the Festival.

 37) One representative from each film must participate in the competitive program of the festival. The preference is given to the director, producer or to the lead actor/actress of the film.

 38) Directorate assumes all costs for transportation (round trip travel) and accommodation during the Festival.

 39) Terms of attendance of other guests of the Festival are stipulated in their individual invitations.

XII. Final provisions

40) Participation in the Festival provides the compliance of provisions of these Regulations. In the event of any disputes in relation to Regulations, Russian version shall be taken as the basis.