REGULATIONS of  International Film Festival "PROlogue"

   I. General provisions

1. This Regulation defines the procedure for organizing and holding the International Film Festival PROlogue (hereinafter referred to as the “Festival”), as well as the selection and selection of participating films.

2. The festival will be held from 27 to 30 November 2019. in the city of Tashkent.

3. In addition to the competition program, special film screenings, workshops, round tables and conferences are presented at the Festival.


Ii. Festival Organizers

4. The organizers of the Festival are:

- Union of Youth of Uzbekistan;

- National Agency "Uzbekkino";

- Hokimiyat of the city of Tashkent;

- "Center for the Development of Cinematography";

- "The Council of Young Filmmakers";

- “National Film Commission of Uzbekistan”.

5. The working body of the Festival is: the Directorate of the Festival (hereinafter referred to as the “Directorate”).

6. Location of the Festival:

- Palace of Youth Creativity

- Alisher Navoi State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Uzbekistan

- Premier Hall Cinema

7. Permanent place of activity of the Directorate: Tashkent, Mukimi street, 8

8. The official website of the Festival:


Iii. Goals and objectives of the festival

9. The purpose of the Festival is to strengthen the prestige of the national cinema of Uzbekistan, promote Uzbek films in world cinema, increase public interest in cinema, as a means of preserving national culture and human values, as well as developing cultural exchange and international cooperation with foreign filmmakers.

10. Tasks of the festival:

- promoting the development of national cinema, its popularization throughout the world, as well as the presentation and promotion of both modern and the golden fund of Uzbek cinema;

- maintaining a steady audience interest in the author's cinema, to those films that help to increase social activity and spiritual maturity. Acquaintance of domestic viewers with the best works of the modern world cinema;

- attraction of bright, extraordinary works of cinema, developing the language of cinema and reflecting the trends of the world film process;

- strengthening and development of international relations in the field of cinema;

- popularization of the unique historical and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in order to attract leading representatives of the world film industry to joint cooperation;

- identification of young talented cinematographers of Uzbekistan and professional support of their creativity, creation of conditions for establishing contacts with their colleagues from other countries.


Iv. Festival Program

11. Competition program:

- international competition of full-length feature films;

- International Short Film Game Competition

- competition of national short fiction film.

12. Prizes:

- Grand Prix for the Best Film;

- The best director;

- The best director of photography;

- The best script;

- The best actress;

- The best actor;

- Best Short Film;

- The best national short film;

13. The Organizing Committee and the Directorate are awarded prizes:

- “For the contribution to the Uzbek cinema”;

- “For contribution to world cinema”.


V. Requirements for films

14. International Feature Films Competition:

- at least 6 (six) pictures are selected for the main program of full-length feature films;

- films with a duration of at least 60 minutes are accepted for selection, with a production end date not earlier than January 1, 2018;

- films must have themes that are related and / or relevant to young people.

15. Short Feature Film Competition

- at least 12 (twelve) films are selected for the competition program of short feature films;

- films with a duration of no more than 30 minutes are accepted for selection, with a production end date not earlier than January 1, 2018;

- The age of the director should not exceed 35 years.

16. Feature films and short films should be the Central Asian premiere. The exceptions are films of the Central Asian region, which may have a premiere in the country of production.

17. Competition of national short films:

- At least 12 (twelve) films are selected for the competition program of national short films;

- films with a duration of no more than 30 minutes are accepted for selection, with a production end date not earlier than January 1, 2018;

- the film must be submitted in the original;

- The age of the director should not exceed 35 years.

VII. Parallel programs

18. The festival includes master classes, round tables, conferences, pitching and other events with the participation of leading representatives of the international film industry.

Viii. Selection of films and requirements for competitive display

19. To participate in the festival's competition program, you must fill out an application on the film festival website ( by providing a link to a film with English subtitles via or YouTube.

Deadline for application: September 1, 2019.

20. The festival does not charge a fee for the film.

21. Films promoting violence, drug addiction, pornography, religious extremism and fundamentalism, denigrating government policies and aimed at initiating popular discontent, are not allowed to participate in the Festival. Also, claimed films should not contradict our national traditions and universal values.

22. Official representatives of films selected for the program will be notified of participation before November 1, 2019 by e-mail.

23. Copies of films participating in the Festival contests must be submitted to the Directorate of the Festival in DCP and Blu-ray formats no later than November 15, 2019.

24. Selected and confirmed films cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program after the official announcement of the program and the confirmation received from the official representative of the film.

25. Information about the invitation of the film to participate in the competition program remains confidential between the Festival and the participant until the official announcement of the Directorate.

26. After the official announcement of participation confirmation, the official film representative must send the following materials to the Directorate:

- marketing materials, synopsis, press kit;

- trailer or teaser in FULL HD quality.

- for films of foreign production - a subtitle file with a timecode and / or interactive sheets in the original language, Russian or English, screen of the final version of the film.

- materials for the catalog (information about the creators of the film, photos, including the photograph of the director, shots from the film). One or two minute excerpts from the film, which will be used for promotion and for the awards ceremony.

27. The Directorate of the Festival reserves the right to use all provided materials for printed and other materials, including the festival catalog, press releases, the festival website, social networks and for promotion in the media.

28. Materials must be sent to the Festival via e-mail with the title of the film in English or the original language in the subject line. Materials must be received by the Festival within no more than 7 (seven) days from the moment of confirmation of the participation of the film in the program.

29. All terms and conditions are mandatory, otherwise the Directorate of the Festival reserves the right to exclude the film from the film festival program.


Ix. Movie copies transportation and insurance

30. The cost of transporting copies of films for the show shall be borne by the Directorate of the Festival.

31. The sending party must promptly notify the Festival.

about sending a copy of the film and provide an air waybill.

32. The cost of storing and insuring copies of films is paid by the Directorate of the Festival.


X. Festival Jury

33. To evaluate competitive films, an International jury of a full-length film competition and an International jury of short-film film competitions are created, with at least 5 (five) people each.

34. The Directorate assumes the costs of the stay of each member of the International Jury and their travel to the Festival and back.

35. Each jury may not include persons participating in the creation or commercial distribution of films shown in the respective competition.


Xi. Guests and participants of the Festival

36. Questions about inviting guests, the terms and conditions of their stay and accreditation at the festival are decided by the Directorate.

37. Participation of films in the competition programs of the Festival provides for the mandatory presence of 1 (one) representative from the film. Preference is given to the director, producer or the leading actors of the film.

38. The Directorate assumes the costs of returning the fare and staying during the entire period of the Festival.

39. The conditions of stay of other guests of the Festival are specified in their personal invitations.


Xii. Final provisions

40. Participation in the Festival provides for compliance with all clauses of these Regulations. In case of any disputable issues on the Regulations, the Russian text of these Regulations is taken as a basis.